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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

With just 10 weeks remaining until my due date, I felt that now is a good time to slow things down and begin to hibernate for the rest of the year until Baby Hollis arrives in January. I've also picked up a nasty bug this week which meant I had to cancel my final yoga lessons and sound bath - which was absolutely gutting - but I took it as a sign that it really was time to stop teaching, and my mind and body has already started to thank me for it.

Pregnancy has been the biggest lesson of really tuning into what my needs are and if I ignore any signs, the effects are usually felt soon enough - whether they come from me or the baby. Nature isn't stupid - she likes to remind us from time to time.

I'll also be decreasing my hours with my other job at New Noise Audio as Christmas comes around and I'm nuzzling further into what motherhood brings up for me and what form it'll take when the baby is here. I must admit, I do feel very overwhelmed right now and it feels like a lot to process (ta very much hormones), but hopefully having some time and space will do wonders.

I almost feel like the gradual physical and mental changes and challenges throughout pregnancy are building me up for the climax of giving birth and beyond. I've always been a complete sleep head (can't get enough of the stuff), but over the past 3 months I cannot remember the last time I actually slept well or solidly, thus making me panic way less about how I'll cope with the impending sleep deprivation. Thanks nature, I suppose?

I've also been guilty of being a complete control freak over my own life and organiser in the past. I really thought this had fallen dramatically by the way side during my yoga teaching training. But no. Little remnants were still clinging on when I found out that I was pregnant in May and it's been a journey in shaking those off ever since. Pregnancy has taught me what 'going with the flow' really looks and feels like and I'm happier for it.

Is the nursery ready? Not even close. Do I have all the bits for the baby? Isn't that what 24hr Tesco in Baldock is for... Do I know what I'm doing with a newborn? Nope, but hopefully the NCT classes starting next week will help with the practical stuff. All I'm certain about is i'll be taking each day as it comes and each moment will be a learning curve and a new string added to my motherhood-shaped bow.

I'm also sure that I'll return to yoga teaching and sound baths at some point when things have healed physically and I feel ready too...but for now I'll say buh bye and a massive thank you for all your support and lovely messages over the past few months. I'll really miss being on the mat with you all or serenading you with my gongs. Let's keep in touch :)

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