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Join me for an evening of relaxation and rejuvenation for a Full Moon Gong Bath at Ickleford Village Hall on Friday 30th October at 7.15pm - 8.30pm (with lots of free parking). The Full Moon can be an emotional time for many and with the recent planetary events (Mercury and Mars retrograde and the forthcoming lunar eclipse), now is the time for re-balancing our physical, mental and spiritual bodies to help navigate these energetically difficult times. This gong bath will be preparing us for the Full 'Blue' Moon in Taurus which will be visible the following day after this event. Using Planet Gongs which are astrologically pertinent for that month (my gongs have been precisely tuned according to the Johannes Keppler and Hans Cousto's mathematical method), come and bathe in the vibrations of the Mars and Venus gongs to release, dream and find your equilibrium.


A gong bath or gong meditation is when a person is bathed and passively receives the sound vibrations of the gong, either laying down, sitting in a chair or on the floor (the choice is yours). It is a type of sound therapy bringing a deep meditative, relaxed state (hypnogogic) which modifies the brainwave frequencies. The sound can be relaxing, balancing, rejuvenating or even energising depending on the gong that is played in ceremony. Gong baths test your resistance to letting go and surrendering to the present moment.


A gong bath ceremony gives the bather the space and time to relax, unwind and re-connect with the Self, giving the body a chance to let go of stress, anxiety and tension. When the body and brain is relaxed, the glandular and nervous systems can re-balance and the body begins to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). When stimulated, the PNS conserves energy as it slows the heart rate and increases intestinal, digestive and gland activity. Limited space available on a first come first serve basis, please e-mail to register, ask any questions or make a payment of £15 via Paypal (please select 'friends and family' transaction to avoid fees). Your booking is confirmed once payment is received.

If you'd like to purchase a brand new, super soft weighted eye-mask and travel pouch for the event, please add a further £12 to the ticket price. I have a limited number of these, so please e-mail to check. A weighted eye mask are designed to help trigger an increased sense of relaxation and calm, whilst blocking out any light.

This event will be Covid secure and socially distanced (I have also completed a Covid-19 Awareness Course for extra peace of mind). I will be sending out an information sheet around a week before the event along with the event Covid procedures. Overall, my priority is to make you feel welcome, safe and relaxed.

Cancellation policy: Due to the current pandemic, full refunds will be given if people cannot attend the event due to last minute changes of plans because of illness or having to care for others who are ill.

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