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Join me for a releasing and relaxing gong bath on Monday 26th April at 7PM - 7.45PM to honour the Full Pink Supermoon on Monday 26th April.

Full Moon's present a wonderful time to release tension and say goodbye to what is no longer serving you. This Full Moon in Scorpio is set to be quite a dramatic and emotional time for many due to the astrological planetary alignments.

Allow your mind, body and spirit to soak up the sounds of the gongs and learn to surrender to the present moment. This session includes a guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and soothing gong bath meditation.

This session is £8 per person. To book your place please e-mail Stacey:

Transfer your £8 to via Paypal: or e-mail for direct bank details.

Your best ear phones or speakers should be set up and ready to use in order to get the most from the online gong bath experience. I look forward to sharing this new experience with you!

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